Working From Home Is So Easy It Could Be An Insurance Commercial?

I’ve been online researching home business opportunities and concepts for years now, and I get bombarded on a daily basis with hundreds of ads telling me how easy it is for me to make $35,000 a month or some other number like that. The truth is there are people out there making that kind of money, but they are able to do that because they do something different from everyone else. It is definitely not easy!

What the people that are interested in this industry need to know is that all of these people telling you that you are going to be a millionaire in six months are probably focusing on the wrong part of their business, and you need to know just what the most important part of the business is that you should be looking for. The answer is exactly the same as it is in brick and mortar businesses. The answer is systems.

Every business, no matter how big or small or where it is located, has to have a plan. The reason 9 out of every 10 businesses fail is because the person either had a weak plan or they had no real plan at all. If your plan is based on your product, you’re going to lose. Your product isn’t the reason for success, and no matter how great the product is by itself it will not create long term success on its own. The central part of every single effective business plan is a system. Want an example?

The obvious, most used and still most accurate example of a business with a great system is McDonald’s. It’s such a classic candidate because we all know you can make a better hamburger than McDonald’s, yet McDonald’s will destroy you in the marketplace if you go out there to take them on because they have a very powerful system. McDonald’s will outsell your fantastic hamburgers with their little meat saucers because they built one of the most powerful marketing and sales systems in existence that has allowed them to buy some of the best locations around.

The fact is, home based businesses are a lot like McDonald’s in another way. These systems are essentially franchises. McDonald’s created one of the most successful franchising models around because their system made it easier for people to step in and use their business model than to try and start their own from scratch. It is this very quality that you need to be looking for in your own business opportunities. Find an opportunity with a system. If you see an ad about a product and how great the product is, or someone calls you (already a bad sign) pushing their product, you’ll know to run -not walk- away.

So what is a system, in essence? It’s something that takes your business tools, puts them in place and runs them without turning the crank yourself. If you can find a great business system, it will create the leverage to work around the clock with you there watching it, which is really the name of the game. It is leverage that creates the incredible earning potential that businesses give you access to. With the right system, you will not have to become a salesman. I have never had sales training or held a sales job in my life, I earned my degree in multimedia and project management. Yet I am able to run a business out of my home office. It is because I know what a system is, what it looks like, and how to tell if it is good.

I said above that these businesses are not easy to make money with. They are absolutely not. I never said they were, and I want to make sure I clarify that. These systems make it simple to do, but not easy. Simple is something with few moving parts or that is straightforward and easy to explain. Jumping out of an airplane to sky dive is a fairly simple idea, but it’s not easy for many people to do. Running an online business from home with a good system will make it very simple, but unless you have the right information to identify the right opportunities and to get started, it’s going to be a tremendous time and money vacuum. You also need to learn how to market in the online environment of today, and you need to have a strong desire for success.

So look for the business system first, and then find out information about the team behind the system. Also, find out how you’re getting paid. Businesses that run on the old network marketing rules generally are going to fail if you’re looking for a long-term, steady source of residual income. That does not exist in that business model anymore. There are, however, new business models on the internet that will provide you with what you’re looking for.

Simplicity, systems and teamwork are three of the things you need to look for when you are out trying to find your own business. I hope with this article, I’ve at least explained a piece of the puzzle that you can use to go out and evaluate the opportunities that you see. Some of them are legit, while others are simply a waste of time. You should now have some knowledge that will let you start sifting them.